Woven Chairs We Need Right Now

Woven chair refers to a type of seat cushion that is woven from woven materials (such as leather rope, paper rope, rattan, etc.). According to archaeological findings, there is already such a cushion production method in Gue, 12th century. When it was introduced to Europe, people at that time could use a simple tool to make a comfortable, lightweight woven chair. In early Europe, the long dry leaves of the fiber were used, and the rope was twisted into a rope to weave the seat cushion. However, such rope materials are too rough. With the development of modern industry, a kind of rope material made of plant fiber – paper rope is used by many designers and furniture makers. This paper rope material is round and exquisite, and has very good Toughness and texture, very suitable for weaving.

In the early days, the “X” type paper rope weaving method, which was formed by weaving from the four corners to the middle, became popular in the seat cushions of various chairs because of its simple and strong characteristics. The reason why people like this weaving method is summarized by several factors: 1, light; 2, softer than wooden seat cushion; 3, strong; 4, simple and hand-woven.
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