40 Black Dress Saw 100 Years of Women’s Rise

Did you see the movie the lion king? Recently, Meghan attended the premiere of the lion king in a little black dress by Jason Wu, paired with Gucci clutch and Aquaculture pointy heels, and it’s fair to say that the all-black look is too flattering.

Paul Poiret, one of the most well-known designers of the time and the crowding leader of Penning Skirt, once criticized it as “luxury catastrophe”, but no denial, irony or jealousy could prevent Chanel’s “Little Black Skirt” from achieving unprecedented success. In 1926, VOGUE was under pressure to arrange a corner for the design draft of the little black dress. But it was in this corner that Gabrielle Chanel’s little black dress series suddenly became a hit. Take off the heavy petticoat, waistband and big hat, and liberate your legs. Since then, the little black dress has become a symbol of women’s independence. Most of the small black skirts are still fitted with the body line of the narrow design, appear tall and tall. But it will be properly integrated into the current popular sequins and other elements, is a classic and fashionable exchange.

40 Black Dress Saw 100 Years of Women

Image Source: liketk.it

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