37 Laundry Room Design Ideas You Need to See

Washing machine is a great invention. It frees the hands of the hostesses from the water filled with laundry liquid and saves the knees of the hostesses on the washboard. Look at the following laundry design cases and you will feel that housework does not seem to be so boring. The hanging cabinet is used for receiving. It only takes 1-2 square meters. It is practical and not complicated. If the space is more abundant, we can increase some reserve. For example, set up a home for the dirty basket and avoid spreading dirty clothes all over the house.

Of course, you can choose not to use the dryer, buy a washing and drying machine instead, or take it to the balcony to air, which can save a lot of space for other functions. There is really no room for the laundry room at home, so we hide the small washing machine in the locker. After closing the door, we can’t see the hidden mechanism in it at all. To some extent, it is also a merger of functional areas.

37 Laundry Room Design Ideas You Need to See home design, laundry room, washing machine, storage ideas

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