38 Chic Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

One of the most conventional ideas for wall decoration is to use pictures and photos. There are many options in this type of decorated walls , since the multitude of possibilities is endless. There is the possibility of using a single painting , it is something simple and visually powerful, especially if we choose a color that combines with the colors we use for home decoration. This box has to be more or less large, sometimes occupies a very important portion of the wall, since it has to have its meaning inside the wall.

From here, the number of pictures or photographs that we want to use depends a lot on our needs and tastes, in the same way, the choice of the composition is totally personal. It is not the same to put everything ordered in a sequence of tables of the same size and that have correlation with each other, that to decide to make a disordered composition with pictures that have nothing in common. In the first case it is simple, you just have to choose paintings or photos that together make sense and put them in a straight line or grid.

Here we show a few photographs of walls decorated with paintings, pictures or photos , so you can see some examples easier and more complex, to see if you find one that suits what you like best .

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