41 Grey Elements for Home Give You Peaceful Feelings

The whole space is based on high-grade gray, giving people a calm and tranquil visual feeling, with simple lines to expand the sense of space, and using large area of floor glass to introduce abundant natural light, creating a relaxed and free living atmosphere. Furniture collocation echoes the color tonality of space, pays attention to smooth lines, advocates simple but fashionable design concept. The open space of guest restaurant and western kitchen makes the visual sense of limited area maximizes, and the structure of each space is relatively complete, balanced and stable.

Brown-grey and light create a strong sense of drama, where the light shines is the focus. The whole floor window can enjoy the outdoor scenery, while dining, thousands of scenery into the eye, the overall space renders a natural and comfortable atmosphere. The bar and western kitchen are integrated in order to have better interactive space, high-grade neutral color, clean and clean. It can always touch people’s hearts inadvertently, delicate details and soft furnishings full of artistic flavor, creating a soul-rich artistic realm to pursue more delicate artistic realm. Life attitude conveys a mysterious and steady attitude.

41 Grey Elements for Home Give You Peaceful Feelings home design, , interior design, grey design, kitchen design, living room

Image Source: www.potterybarn.com

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