Different Styles Of L-Shaped Kitchen

When designing a functional kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen is ideal for small and medium-sized spaces. In most functional kitchen designs, the low-key and simple, gray is the most stable choice, the intervention of green plant/metal kitchen cabinet/tile texture breaks The icy feeling and coolness brought by the gray space, and the lamp/spotlight can be used to adjust the atmosphere.

White is transparent to gray, and the space is extended visually. With the wooden floor covering, it is naturally intimate, and the large-scale wood grain enriches more materials. The kitchen room changes from practical to beautiful design. Grass green tiles, bright yellow dining chairs, can add vitality to the rusticity of logs, geometric patterns, strong sense of order and design

Different styles of L-shaped kitchen #kitchen # lshapedkitchen

In addition to these, the marble texture is equally practical, with a subtle sense of luxury.

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